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Harpreet rana travel insurance TRAVEL INSURANCE

Travelling abroad entails lot of planning. However, to make sure that your vacation is a complete success, travel insurance is an absolute necessity. Your trip abroad should be without hassles, worries, & comprehensive travel insurance provides you with the same.

Harpreet rana super visa insurance advisor SUPER VISA INSURANCE

The Super Visa has brought a great opportunity for those who aspire to reunite with their parents or grandparents. The most important and mandatory requirement is to purchase health insurance from a Canadian insurance company.

Harpreet rana life insurance advisor LIFE INSURANCE

Life insurance is universally acknowledged to be an institution, which eliminates 'risk', substituting certainty for uncertainty & comes to the timely aid of the family in the unfortunate event of death of the bKNOWwinner. Get lowest life insurance quotes from Punjab Insurance Inc.

About Me
I am a Professional Insurance Advisor who is there to provide specialized guidance and advice for SuperVisa Insurance & other insurance plans. Find the best term life insurance rates with me, although Insurance is more than just a price!


  • Harpreet rana Term insurance

    Term Insurance is the low-cost, temporary insurance protection. It is generally used to meet a temporary need (example - mortgage protection) or a need for a large amount of insurance at the lowest possible initial price. [...]

  • Harpreet rana critical illness insurance

    Critical Illness Insurance Canada is designed to provide assistance to an insured who has been diagnosed with one of a predetermined number of critical illnesses and in some cases survived 30 days. [...]

  • Harpreet rana disability insurance

    Disability Insurance offers you a simple, affordable way to provide an income should a disability prevent you from working.[...]

  • Harpreet rana RESP plan
  • RESP Plan

    Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for your child's future. Why wait till that day to find out if you've set aside enough for your child or not. Choose the right RESP plan today and rest assured that your child's future is in safe hands. [...]

  • Harpreet rana mortgage insurance

    Mortgage Insurance is that insurance in which you can cover your mortgage in the major event of your death. Mortgage life insurance, also known as mortgage insurance or creditor insurance, is offered by most banks and lending institutions. [...]

  • Harpreet rana DRUG & DENTAL INSURANCE

    Now, you and your family can have access to the Health and Dental protection you need. The Health and Dental Plan is specially designed for those who are not covered by a group plan. [...]

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If you need any Information regarding any Insurance I would be happy to help.

harpreet rana insurance advisor 7003 Steeles Ave. W Unit 10, Etobicoke,Ontario M9W 0A2

harpreet rana insurance advisor Toll Free: 1-888-299-7377 Cell: 416-871-3571

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harpreet rana insurance advisor
Harpreet Rana from Punjab Insurance Inc. is very informative and patient, and has great customer service. She was able to save me a lot of money off my premium and I still have great coverage. Thank you very much I definately recommend Harpreet Rana to all my friends and family.