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Looking for comprehensive prescription drug insurance in Canada?

Are you dissatisfied with your current prescription drug insurance coverage in Canada and looking to replace it with something more flexible and comprehensive? Or maybe, you're simply hoping to find an option that allows you to top up your existing prescription drug insurance? Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is ready to assist employers in designing a plan that caters to your company's individual needs while helping employees manage their health and wellness concerns.
You and your family can have access to the Health and Dental protection you need. The Health and Dental Plan is specially designed for those who are not covered by a group plan.

Health and Dental Plan Canada

Flexible and affordable, the Health and Dental plan offers four levels of increasing, comprehensive coverage for:

Dental and Vision Coverage Ontario Canada

Our Drug and Dental plan also includes benefits like
And the Dental plan does not require completion of a medical assessment.

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Harpreet Rana from Punjab Insurance Inc. is very informative and patient, and has great customer service. She was able to save me a lot of money off my premium and I still have great coverage. Thank you very much I definately recommend Harpreet Rana to all my friends and family.